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CozyBomB Preschool Toolbox

Boost Your Child's Cognitive Development with CozyBomB's Preschool Screw Driver Board!

- Promotes STEM learning: The board encourages STEM learning by teaching children the basics of engineering, construction, and problem-solving.
- Durable and safe: The board is made from high-quality wood and is safe for children to use.

This CozyBomB Screw Driver Board Preschool Toy is a great educational tool for young children. It is designed to help 3+ year olds develop their fine motor skills and increase their knowledge of STEM activities. This wooden tool set includes a screwdriver and various screws and nuts to help children learn how to unscrew and screw together. It is a great way to help children hone their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. The bright colors and shapes of the pieces make it a fun and engaging activity for young kids. This Montessori toy is perfect for sensory and educational play and is sure to provide hours of entertainment. It is a great way to help kids learn and develop their skills in a safe and fun environment.